Welcome to Empirepuzzle
Investment Club

We are an online collective investment platform, where members of the club can share investment and profit in the real estate market. We have a closed community. We have a commitment and trust culture, in respect for the highest standards of negotiating ethics.

All investment opportunities are previously approved by a committee of curators. Under a "investment with identity" logic, each member has the ability to control where and how much to invest, as well as monitor their investments.

Investments Private Club

Private Placement model for real estate investments
Possibility to invite new members
Judicious selection process

We value your capital

Safe Investments
(Committee of Curators always present)
Capital protection against speculative movements
Deep knowledge of real estate business

Total focus on your Investment

Diversification in the various real estate segments
Investments with identity
Periodic activity Report

We have a multidisciplinary team

Inspiration comes from others,
motivation comes from us.
Talent wins games, but only teamwork wins championships

We have a careful analysis process

Brightness can become the unwary blindness
Because defect is often a quality
that has not yet been fully developed

We are attentive to the Time-to-market

There are two types of risk:
The ones we can't afford taking;
And those we can't afford losing…


Know our project and how we will tokenize our assets.

Empirepuzzle Club

Our Club empower the business model of the private investment club for medium-term investment in profitable assets.

Our specialists are regulated by decentralized and independent Curator Committee, responsible for analysis and decision-making. We provide to Members market intelligence and the best investment opportunities.

Our methodology of market study and choice of property allows to work in various markets by scaling the business model, while maintaining a high level of confidence and safeness.

Decentralized technology make possible the bureaucracy automatization, making it transparent, safe and scalable, both for Members and for companies wishing to become curators in this business model. Combination of classic effective business model and decentralized architecture empower local business to international level of profit opportunities.

Participate in large projects with small fund portions

Choose where you invest

Create your own portfolio

Min. € 5.000 Community

Min. € 250.000 Anchor Investor

Máx. 25% of total project value or 100% like an Anchor Investor

Without having to devote time to bureaucracies

Very low risk investments

Greater cost-effectiveness

Unspeculated properties

Be part of a private Club

We are a Private Investment Club

Our Mission

Providing investment opportunities in an agile, accessible and secure manner, contributing to a more prosperous and peaceful future of our members, assuring the growth of their savings through a constant search for the best profitability the market may offer. Constant evolution, looking to the future, assuring the hand over from father to son. To surprise!

Our Vision

To be the investment platform reference, acting in sustainable markets, in constant search for the valuation of our members ' investments, reaffirming the respect for the community in general.

Our Values

Confidence – respecting high standards of integrity, commitment and duty of mission, respecting the trust members placed on us.
Focus on the market – to be proactive in the search for the best profitability for our members, overcoming, if possible, their expectations.
Effectiveness – providing services, supporting the expectation of our members, with high standards of ethics, quality and professionalism.
Innovation – Constant development of the investment platform, ensuring simplicity and transparency in our processes, with the use of the best and most current market technologies.

Business Model

How it works: The company selects perspective property in the real estate market and, with assistance of the Curator Committee, approves it for profitable medium-term ownership with buyback rights. Through anchor investors the company buys this contract at a favorable price, and puts it on the platform as an investment project for Club members. Members select suitable options from the list of investment projects and, by subscribing, make investments into the selected contract. Further, they make an interest profit according to the terms of the contract, and upon its completion they return their investments.

Anchor investors make an interest profit from the total turnover of the company. The company is formed of narrow specialists of the field, and is regulated by decentralized and independent Curator Committee, which is responsible for analytics, decision-making, and market intelligence on the best investment opportunities. The company takes on automation of workflow and all issues related to contracts execution. Investment risk for Club members in this business model means only an increase in time of return on investment, which, in the end, brings increase of the profit.

Innovative digital technologies, applied to this business model, will automate the process, making it transparent, safe and scalable, both for investors and for companies wishing to become Export License holders of the business model.

Comparing Market Offer

Our Track Record


This is how we are planning.

  • First project funded

    EmpirePuzzle platform with KYC

    February 2018
  • Alpha Version

    EmpirePuzzle platform with KYC

    August 2018
  • Proof of Concept

    Achieved 100 members and € 3.9mln with 6 projects funded

    November 2018
  • Return to Investors from "Christmas Round"

    Special Membership Kit for those who participated in CROWDSALE "Christmas Round"

    3rd quarter 2019
  • Export License Pilot

    1st Export License Pilot for business model scalability

    2nd half 2019
  • Security Token Offering "Shopping Round"

    Private sale of ERC - Security Token

  • Beta Version

    Upgrade EmpirePuzzle platform to version Beta with: Mobile APP

    3rd quarter 2019
  • 1st Tokenization

    1st real estate property tokenization pilot with ERC SmartContract Secondary Market

    1st quarter 2020
  • CROWDSALE "Spring round"

    Public sale of EPC - Utility Token

  • Security Token Offering "Discovery round"

    Public sale of ERC - Security Token


Token Economy Strategy

Token Economy Model of the platform is represented by an innovative multi-layer complex design. The main advantage of such system is that each element of the business model has its own type of token with its unique structure and regulation. The advantages are:

  • A more structured KPI (Key Performance Indicator) system. As there are several markets on the platform, their structure differs into organization (security token), turnover (stable coin) and revenue streams (utility token);
  • Live indicators correspond to different parts of the business model, therefore, at the intersection of these markets (token eco-systems) fetching of corresponding data comes more potential for business valuation. The composite system conveys the dynamics of business with highly perspective accuracy;
  • Independence of tokens from each other allows to conduct analysis of separately taken systems and to correct errors without critical influence on the structure of the entire business model.

Custom tokenomics allows to highlight the major rules for regulating business model dictated by monetary policy. This structure of regulation enables the business model to move from one local monetary policy to another so that global markets could become accessible with less friction, and that shows to be the most effective scalability scheme.

Combination of classic effective business model and innovative digital technologies empower local business to enter the international level of profit opportunities.

Download our whitepaper for more information.



We are multidisciplinary

Our Team


Ricardo Lopes

CEO/Founder @ Empirepuzzle


Filipe Caetano

CFO/Founder @ Empirepuzzle


Paulo Alves

CTO/Founder @ Empirepuzzle


Vitor Reis

PCC/Founder @ Empirepuzzle


Norberto Coelho

BDM/Founder @ Empirepuzzle



Mikhail Ananyin

Tokenomics Architect


Rui Mercadal Vieira

International Licensing Strategy / Member of Curators committe - Germany & Spain


Vitor Simões

Software Development & EAI Architect.